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2002-03-13 03:29:51 (UTC)


EMS meeting tonight; the first one that I've been back to
since Phoenix ended. The officers taught the class;
Shannon and I taught airway adjuncts, and we kicked butt.
It was good to see everybody again... and hopefully things
aren't all going to hell.

I was thinking in the shower tonight about something we
learned about in economics. It's a pretty simple concept
really; opportunity-cost. The idea of the total value
something has to you, and what else you'd be giving up to
have it, etc. And since reading "A.S.", I've been thinking
a lot more about the opportunity-cost of things for me.
I've actually started to weigh the values that certain
decisions have over certain other's, and really think about
what is going to have the greatest overall value to me, and
what I'm going to mind doing without the least. I keep
asking myself "what is the value of this to me?" "how is
this going to benefit me?" and "what am I giving up to have
this?". It doesn't seem like terribly much, just written
out like this, but I think that the time I spend thinking
this through is a worthy trade for the value of making
decisions that are truly in my best interests. I think it
has already started to have an impact on the way I make
decisions, and in the future it will result in the value of
my every day decisions, but I think the real difference
will come in the big decisions. Having conditioned myself
to truly think about what thing is ultimately going to have
the most value to me, and being able to go through this
thought process in an orgabized, quick, reflexive way is
something that could be invaluable.