The Nightshade Princess
2002-03-13 02:52:01 (UTC)

Cool rain on hot summer stone...

LesTaT and I finally got our dance in the rain. He
came over... my despair is for the moment gone. The memory
of is strong, white arms lingers around me, his laugh still
echos on the walls. It began to storm as we sat in our
usual place on the swing, the darkness gathering in shadow-
pools around us. The winds began to rise, and the water
decended gracefully. We didn't really get wet... the
little canvas roof covered us in the beginning. We joked
and kissed and embraced. I was reminded once more how much
I love him. The wind became more aggressive, and the rain
drops grew larger, and so very cold. It felt wonderful. I
was recharged, I was alive, I was with the one I love so
dearly that I breathe still for the love of him. I swear I
can almost feel his cheek against mine, and his fragrance
lingers in my senses and all around me. I wanted so badly
to hold him tonight, which I did... and to be held, as he
did me... All the time in the world is not enough for us
to be together, wrapped in each other's embrace. To be in
love... oh that the WORLD could share this.
I relate now the tale of my psychic sense to Mortius.
We speak of September 11th (if you desire to know, I wrote
of it in a journal entry awhile later), I speak of
energy... I speak of life. I cannot help what I am but I
love it, even as I despise it. I must go now, but romance
lifts me on silver wings above these poison memories.