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2002-03-13 02:15:48 (UTC)

Survey! Survey!

*laughs* Okay, these are some results from some poll things
I made a long time ago.. I am bored so now i shall share..
lol. This also a tribute to me and my greatness... lol

#1- Am I A Sexy Bitch??

42%- yer sexy.. yer my bitch.. what else can I say?

22%- sure ya are.. *smiles and nods*

3%- Nope. yer too sweet to be a bitch

4%- Hell no, corn fucker!

26%- Other

**Some of the other responces**

who you?well if I saw you naked then maybe I could say
soething but I didn't soo I don't know

You're morbid. That's plenty sexy.

You are sexy as hell and everyone knows it.

LoL I don't hate you and everyone is sexy in their own way.
Even vegetable abusers =P

You could be, with some barnyard anamils, a pig here, a
goat there(they eat anything) and dont forget the racoons,
horny little beast they are.


#2- Does anyone truly know what is up with the bendable
rubber man??

-i'm confused

-rubber as in condom? the condom man or the super hero
rubber man?

-Hmmm I don't even know who this rubber dude is *hangs head
in shame

-um.......i have no response to this perticular question ,

-well of course i know what's up with the bendable rubber
man.. see, his name is Gomer, and he never leaves his
house.. but i read in Spit magazine that Ernie the
Ethiopian interviewed him by phone, and he's a really nice
guy. he wants everyone to know that he IS NOT, in any way
embarrased by the fact that he is a rubber's just
that, well...he has no desire to leave his house anymore.
and he challenges all men, far and wide, to answer this
simple, simple question.. "Would you leave YOUR house if
you could suck your own dick?"

-fuck the bendable rubber man...

#3- What is your opinion of me?

6%- crazed psycho

21%- dark vixen

3%- slut

21%- evil seductress

42%- other

-crazed psycho- I mean that in a complimentary sense, but
you're absolutely fucking nuts. No doubt about it. Normal
people don't have naked pictures of themselves in the same
internet photo album as their Mom in the maternity ward
holding their baby brother.

Normal people are fuckin boring wastes of time. Crazed
Psychos are golden.

-One crazed out chic, that likes sex and gothic
experiences. You're open-minded, seductive, extravagant,
showing, expressive, beautiful...and...YO ARE ALIVE!!!!
(you know what I mean!)

-(a personal fave.. lol) I don't think bad of you, I just
think its sad you have to resort to doing this shit on the
internet to get attention. I think you need some good
friends and family to give you positive attention.

-think ur really 'good' with things...

-Dark vixen is very appropriate. Stunning is a word that
also comes to mind.

#4- Who thinks I should be an honorary Canadian and Why?

-Cuz Canada rules, we have better beer.

place!!!! and you can't have it.....I want to be surrounded
by those accents *turns to jellt* Mmmmmm canadians!!!!

-I do... Cause you're nutty, just like a Canadian...

And you say aboot...

-oh yeah...then you could tour Canada...come to
london..come to my house...cum

-Nope,you need to take out Gary Coleman first

-i do not b/c i am and your just not nice enough

#5- If you were one of the banana crusaders, what would
your costume look like and what special power would you

-I wouldn't have a costume, I'd just paint my pecker yellow
and run naked around the city inseminating the infertile.

-what the hell is a banana crusader!?

-ide look like a banana on acid and my power would be to
seduce you in under 10 seconds

#6- If you were trapped in an underwater bubble, which
would you rather have and why?

4%- sock puppets

21%- neverending bottle of vodka

4%- broom and a bottle of ky

2%- bendable rubber man

7%- nude portfolio of Alicia

2%- body paint

4%- liquid latex

2%- corn

50%- Tina and a suitcase full of kinky objects

#7- Why how much do you love me??

-date me


-well you are definetly one of my friends who i enjoy
talking too very much i think of you alot sometimes when
there a little inconvetine like today when i was at the
doctor but i wont discuss that right now

-I have to touch you under the bed to answer this one

-Hmmmmm.... Enough to jack off some more reading your
tagbook (it seems like im always masturbating)

Okay.. Thats enough for now.. lol.. I have oodles more but
Ill save those for another time *grin*