lilmiss diary
2001-05-12 01:39:49 (UTC)

O.P.C: Thrusday & Friday.


In the morning we got up and got ready for overnighter.

WE went to opc rec and got our wetsuits and got our stuff
for overnight and also got ready to go on the big swing.

IT was scary on the climb and i kept giving up on myslef
but i got up and waited with fear for my turn. When i was
clipped on and looking down at the twenty storey drop i
felt fear and uncertatniy. I decided that i for once needed
to let go. That was one of the hardedest thigs in my life.
But I did it. It was fun and also very frighteining. But I
did it and thats and acheivement for me.

WE then got into the truck and traveled down to the lake we
were gonna canadian canoe across. WE jumped in set up and
off we went. IT wasn't easy to begin with but Vicki and I
worked out a way and it was easy and not to mention
beautiful lake and u could see the mountains. WE got stuck
1hr and a half into the paddle and i had to get out and
drag us through the seaweed (our team was lost too) I
dripped over heaps. espiecally when i had to drag Amy and
Katies boat too.

We didn't even reach the place where we were going but we
had been on the lake for 3hrs and it was getting dark so we
set up camp in the rain and dark. WE set up two flys, one
bigger than the other and then had tortias for tea. Then
the girls went in one tent and the boyes and jessica went
in the other.

IT was getting cold and then Katie went into the boyes
tent. The amy went in. And in the end the last three of us
hered into the boyes small fly.IT was raining and really
windy. Every time the wind blowed the droplets would wet
us. WE cuddled in and i ended up between Ben and LUke (I
also ended up in LUkes arms but more about that in "Boy
Problems One: Luke".) Any way I only got an hours sleep
between 3.00am to 4.00am before we got up. Packed up and
headed off at six.

The lake was dark but we managed to not get lost and only
take half an hour to paddle back to the truck. We loaded up
the truck and went back to Opc rec. Did everything there
and then went back to the cabins. Did everything there and
packed up.WE all herded into the bus and set off.

I went to sleep for one hour on the bus trip home and i
woke up and was really cold. WE stopped at a diary bought
some shit and then headed off. I couldn't get back to sleep
because i was thinking of Luke. (again more baout that

WE got back to school and then i came home.