Oh,The Insanity
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2002-03-13 01:30:30 (UTC)

And it couldn't get worse

After all that's happened, after I thought Adam still cared
and even after we "talked" on Friday, he tells me today
that we shouldn't get back together because it's "not fair"
that he "lives so far away" and besides,he feels it will
all fall apart again after crew ends. ARGH! Why won't he
let me show him that it will be different this time? Why
can't he give me another chance?
I spent the majority of today trying not to cry and trying
to make sense of Harmonic Progression. Damn Music Theory.
Damn it all to hell and back...twice.
I really miss Adam. I wish he'd realize how much I care.
I feel like a slut.
oh well...I should be used to it by now...after all, it's
what everyone does.

Peace, Luv and Bullet-proof Marshmellow's