lilmiss diary
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2001-05-12 00:57:09 (UTC)

O.P.C: Tuesday.

Over night, rochelle, danielle, gabby, sarah and I snuck
out and met the boyes in the lounge at three. Miss Crutchly
caught us and in the morning she told us we could be sent
home. Luckliy we didn't (phew) and so we promised and made
a pact to be very good over the next few dayes.

IT was mountain day so we got ready to go up Mount Tihia,
to start off our hike there was a dead possom (puh) in the

The hike was so tiring and i was so unfit, I was nearly
crying cause i felt as if i had let the team down. But at
the top it was beautiful. My tears were blown away with the
view. You cannot imagine it without actually being there.
The way down was to bush bash and navigate. I twisted my
ankle again and got lost. Ben and Luke came back and found
me. We got out and we weren't to far from where we were
supposed to be. Lucky us. WE found the spot and sat down
and waited for group one in the bus.

These people stopped there and got out and took photos of
us and it was really really wierd.

WE got home and relaxed and shit till bedtime.

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