ThOuGhTs Of A LoTuS ChiLd
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2002-03-13 00:57:26 (UTC)

I (heart) JUGGALOS!!!!!

hey what the fuck is up everyone? today has been a pretty
decent day..given the fact that i had to go to skool and
all but still it was good.
we went to sheetz today..i got sum donuts and a v-8...adam
drives like a damn grandma..lol but hey i cant blame him he
just got his license a week or so ago.well after skool i
got home and the net wouldnt let me on so i said fuck
it.then my dad came over ..he had just got back from
Pgh...he loves it almost as much as me!well my mom came
home ..shes sick with strep throat..so i gotta clean house
and shit untill she gets better.well my dad ran me over to
Wal*Mart and he got my pics developed.then we went over to
dunams and i got a soccer ball and dad got a baseball bat
for his car...lol me and him think alike i tell ya!well my
dad seems to be family oriented now..i think he broke up
with his mistress and hes just with my step mom now and he
actually spends time with me and my sis....hes even nice to
my mom too...hes still not perfect but hes gettin better.
man i cant wait for the Mirror Mirror tour..i saw pics
from the denver show today over at realjuggalettes.net
monoxide's hair is all gone...imma miss it but damn madrox
still looks so finnnnnnnnne.i think im in such a good mood
cuz i know i get to spend a day with real family....all my
juggalos.i got alot to do before then tho..i gotta email
manda to get my hatchet man shirt and i have to find sumone
to braid my hair.then i have to straighten the plans out
with my mom....i also have to turn in all my late algebra
work and find my glasses so i take my learners permit
test...i kno there sumwhere in my room....
steve STILL didnt call or stop by and i KNOW he was off
today...this is ridiculous....our relationship is such a
fucking joke.but i'll talk to him about it next time i see
him ..whenever that is...its the least of my worries now.
well i have laundry to do and i have alot of stuff to
find and get organized.im out


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