This is the beloved air I breathe
2002-03-13 00:45:22 (UTC)


Encouragement goes a long way.
When I went to visit "his" church this weekend, the pastor
talked about it.
encourage one another.
That goes for the one you love as well. Even if you are
not "together" per sae, encourage him/her.
Do little things to show you care. Self sacrifice type
Real and true love manifests itself in ways you may have
never imagined it would.
I show him I love him by submitting to his authority as
the leader of the group. I show him I love him by
respecting the sensitivity of the issue, and by not making
a big thing about it.
I show him I love him by praying for him. there are many
things I do all the time that show him I love him, and he
will never know.
it's a sacrifice. One I'm honored to make.
I pray that he feels the same way. I pray that things
will all come together in God's perfect timing.

In His perfect peace that transcends all understanding,