lilmiss diary
2001-05-12 00:42:49 (UTC)

O.P.C: Monday

I had a pretty good night sleep that night. But it was
pretty hot. In the morning i got ready, met ravarti(our
instructor) and we got ready to go.

We first went on the flying fox, it was so cool to feel
yourself just let go and fly threw the wind. When it was
reids go we sent a plastic bad of water down after him. he
got so statch it was funny. And then because it was so hot
all of us wanted to get wet, so we each got sent down with
a bag full of water and wet. The problem was that each time
the bag hit it popped and of course we had to use the
plastic bag over and over again. When it was on jessicas
turn, it fell off and reid and i went down bye the river
and crossed the stream, went over rocks to get this ruined
plastic bag. On the way back i stumbled and hurt my ankle
but i was ok.

The we went to the opc reacreation centre and everyone
hired all there shit. The ravarti said to us, all put these
blindfolds on and find this rope then still blindfoled make
it into a square. IT was funny and in the end we ended up
with an even house shape. hehehehe.

Then we went to the high ropes were we had to get the whole
team across this like monkey course, it was really funny
but we did it.

The we went to the high ropes course, group one was doing
the big swing so we did the 20 storey rockclimbing thing.
At first i didn't wanna do it but i overcame that fear and
did it, it was very diffcult cause i was scared but when i
did it and abseiled down i felt relief and achievement.

Then we went to a swamp and we were given 3 planks and told
to make it from jail to paradise with these planks across
the swamp, without getting in of course. After about an
hour we got across it and then we fell in and ravarti
started throwing mud at us. We had this massive as mud
fight, the ten of us against ravarti. hehhe is was fun and
not to mention the dirty us at the end being funny.

The we went back and did stuff untill bed.

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