Princess Kate

A Fork in the Road
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2002-03-12 23:09:04 (UTC)

A little about me to begin...

Hey everyone,
You know its kind of easier to write things down when you
think you're talking to someone else. Anyways I just
thought I would start off by kind of bringing this diary up
to date on my current life. I'm a 17 year old high school
student so this is my last year. I'm really
excited/nervous about going away but it's going to be full
of so many new opporunities. I guess you could say I'm
popular. I have a lot of friends and they're some of the
best people in the world (usually). I finally got together
with a great guy who I've liked for quite awhile now and
everything is going really well with that (usually).
Schools easy, I might have a shot at valedictorian and I
think that would be really great. That's pretty much it.
Great friends, great family, smart, popular, have my own
car life is perfect, or so it seems...

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