mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-03-12 22:07:46 (UTC)

blood is thicker than water...Love is thicker than Blood....

Blood is thicker than Water, Love is thicer than Blood.
Garth Brooks sings that line in one of the songs from his
latest Cd. I believe that it is a very true statement.
Before I met Lisa, i had my family & friends to be
with,now, I have lisa and my children. My family has chosen
to abandon me. to them i no longer exist. That was their
decision, yes it does hurt, but it was their decision and I
am dealing with it. My love for Lisa grows every day, I
have never been in love before now. It took me many years
and lots of heartache to get to where I am now, and I will
not let any of my family dictate my life. I am 39 yrs old,
and if I feel what I am doing is right, then I will do
it.My family has chosen to turn their back on me and in so
doing they are missing the opertunity to see me happier
than i have been in many years. They are also turning their
back on a really wonderful woman and her 2 childern that
are also special to me. My life is just that MY LIFE, and I
will live it the way that I see fit to do.
I love my family, and they need to accept me for who i am.
Someday, maybe they will see that they are the ones who
have drawn the line in the sand, but I am not certain that
it will happen anytime soon. I am moving on in my life,
planning my life with my children & Lisa and her children
as well. Someday in the future we will all be together as a
family, as my children and hers have seen that yes Lisa and
I are in love and we will not be split up. If family has
diisowned me, so be it. At least I still have my "Brady
Bunch' who will be here for me.......