To Tuonela I Go
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2001-05-11 23:49:17 (UTC)


I plan to cover: |
why I am very mad |
ok so, about 1 1/2 hours ago, 2 of my little cousins asked
me to take them berry picking. With great reluctance, I
now I'm back and breathing like a racehorse.
Not a good enough explanation for you? I didn't think so.
ok so heres a crappy diagram of the area:

| |SSSSS G M M M M |
| |SSSSS | M M M M|
| | | M M M |
| BF________________| M M M M|
| M M M M |
| | M M M M |
| | M BFBFB |
| |BMB |
| B B B |
| |-------- -|
G |
G |

X = House
-,|,/,_ = fences
M = cow
S = shed
G = gate
B = berry bush/plant
BF = berry bush on fence

As you can see, I'm not very good at type-drawing...
So here is the route take:
From top left house, down to the top left shed, get those
berries there. Down into the pasture with the other shed to
the berries on the bottom. Back up and to the gate on the
right. As you can see, there was a shitload of cows beyond
there. The cows take a 'liking' to us and follow us... We
go all the way to the fence on the right and walk down to
the berries. One kid is crying like hell. I go under the
fence and scare away the cow...I call them over and they
find the break at the bottom part... so we pick berries kid still the end of that fence,
down, about 1/10 of the way down that fence while were
picking berries (thats where the biggest berries were),
someone pulls up at the house...2 of the kids see it and
take off I get to trek back to the house with the cry-
baby.... all the way to the left to the gate...then back up to the
top right and into the house...

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