2002-03-12 21:30:02 (UTC)


Another day off.....so nice! But I'm definitely seeing the
results of these days off on my freakin sorry ass check. My
checks suck. I can't do shit with anything under 200. Oh
well....I guess. I would like to pick up my hours, but I
can't take those people....so I'll stop bitching about it.
I'm trying to think of something fun to do for spring
break, but Dee is acting kind of hesitant about it and
Jacan....I knew she was gonna wanna be solo anyway. If they
find their things to do, then I have something in mind that
I will end up doing. I guess I'll go ahead and make that
anticipated trip to Clemson. I mean, I've been talking
about going up there forever now, so I guess I can go ahead
and do that. It will probably end up being boring, but it's
better than sitting here and being bored as hell. I'll just
be bored somewhere else. Yeah, this is short. I'm kinda in
a crappy mood....if you haven't noticed. Okay, it's bad
enough that GOD made the female race go through something
so painful as childbirth.....why give us cramps too??? It
sucks. I think I would opt to go through childbirth
instead. This pain is almost equal to it...so why not!
Well, I heard something last nite that bought tears to my
eyes. I was watching this new show on FOX. I forgot the
name. I think the show was ended with this quote, "Living
is to make mistakes, dying is wishing you made more." I
guess I cried because it went with the whole plot of the
show and I'm a big cry baby about that kind of stuff.
That's just deep to me. So with something to think about,
make it a great day or not. THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

....Living to make mistakes, Jocelyn M.

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