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2002-03-12 20:50:03 (UTC)


I finished reading "Atlas Shrugged" yesterday... or
actually, really this morning, since I was reading until
1:30 this morning. It was absolutely amazing. Everyone
else says that they like "The Fountainhead" better, but I
don't know... "Atlas Shrugged" made me think a lot more.
I've really had to reasses my value system, and I'm still
thinking some stuff through.

I was thinking today, about the whole Robin Hood parallel.
I wasn't quite sure whether she meant that idea of the
story itself was bad, or whether it was the meaning that
people took from it that was the morally wrong thing.
Because I can definately see the second, as far as people
thinking that since they are in "need" they deserve,
through no effort of there own, to be supplied with the
unearned rewards of someone else, and that provider being
seen as a hero. But if she was condeming the actual idea
of the story, I'm not so sure that it's justified, because
saying that Robin Hood was a selfless, altruistic
degenerate ignores the fact that, in every version I've
heard, the wealthy were not the industrialists or the
creators, but the beurocrats, and those who used brute
force, rather than reason (more of a Ferris or Mouch than a
Rearden), and the peasants who were given the "alms" were
often hardworking, intelligent people who were scourged by
the demands of the "need" of their royalty. In such a
case, wouldn't Robin Hood be more of a Ragnar figure,
choosing to fight brute force with mind and force; portrayed as
clever, Robin Hood does not expect money to be
given it to him, but uses his wits and puts his life on the
line, and the manner in which he returns the money to the
peasents, although charity of a sort, seems much more along
the lines of Danneskjold's "bank accounts" than welfare. And, in
addition, a stand against the system which refuses to acknowledge his
capacity, capabilities and contributions. Plus, that would be
totally overlooking the fact that the premise is a society in which
free, democratic economic trade can occur, which was conspicuously
lacking in the Robin Hood era.

Hmmm.... more ponderations later