Mysterious Attitude
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2001-05-11 22:49:44 (UTC)

Friday May 11,2001

5:42 TGIF

I went to school today and I wore my pinstripe suit...
everyone was like nice outfit.. hehe I felt special lol...
and damn a lot of the guyz were lookin as good as
hell...Anywho Renee, Jr, and Bear's Mom picked me up from
school today... and I went to the store for Renee... and
came back home... and ohh yeah Andria paged me.. but when I
called her back her mom was like she is sleepin.. and she
just got online so she'll probably give me a call in a lil
while.. I'm goin to have an intrestin weekend cuz I have to
do a project for school.... and I gotta see what it's like
to be blind for bout 30 minutes.... So I gotta get a
bandana and see how it is... lol what fun huh?¿ Well that's
bout all for now... I'll write bout what else happens...
later on bye bye 4 now :)


Andria just paged me again... and she asked if she could stay the
night.. So I called up my mom to ask if she could and she was like
yeah...I gotta clean a lil tho before she comes over here... Damn I'm
lovin this cd... hehe... But it's makin me think of John.... I miss
him so much.... he is such a cutie.. and I probably won't be able to
talk to him much this weekend cuz Andria will be here but hey... me
and Andria will have fun lol cuz we both r like crazy... I may be
able to talk to him tho.. who knows?¿ Aight well yeah I will.... cuz
he is goin to be comin to Kelly's house in a lil so I'll get to talk
to him yay!! I'm startin to feel guily bout talkin to other guyz...
Cuz I really like John and he seems to like me also... and I feel
like I'm cheatin on him or sumthin.... but in reality I'm not... but
if we do go out online or however u wanna say it... I will stop
talkin the way I do to all these other guyz... I was thinkin bout him
all night last night... I wonder if he was thinkin bout me 2..
whatcha think?¿ I hope he was.... but anyway.. thats all for now..
I'm bout to go clean a lil so I'll go bye bye

9:02 pm

Whatcha know... I'm writing again.. I was talkin to Kelly when she
told me that John was depressed and wasn't talking.... but she asked
him if he wanted to talk to me and he is right now... He won't tell
me whats wrong.. he just said that he found out sumthings today that
r bothering him and he don't want me to worry... Damn I wish I was in
Cail... I'm cryin over here cuz I can't really do anything to help
him :( :( ::Sniff:: Well I guess I will go so I can talk to him...
bye bye 4 now