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2002-03-12 20:06:47 (UTC)

See Me, Feel Me

NOTE: Written on Sunday (03-10-02) night after a day of
sleeping, watching Moulin Rouge, and talking to Jon online.

I like talking to Jon. It surprises me how much we connect.
I fell like I can trust him with anything. And I guess he
feels the same way about me. It’s so cool that I can have a
guy friend that I can relate to so well without liking him.
I think he and Jen are so good for each other. They’re both
such caring people. But they both tend to put others
feelings before their own most of the time. They are both
so afraid disappointing or losing the other. But they
really do love each other. I hope they realize that,
because I want to see them last. Anyways, I’m glad Jon
feels like he can talk to me, because I thought I was
bugging him by always complaining about my “sucky” life.
I’m really happy that I could help him, even if it was just
by listening. Speaking of Jon and listening, I’m listening
to The Who’s Tommy Soundtrack that he let me borrow. It’s
awesome! I love music! “Come on the Amazing Journey and
learn all you can know.”

So much more then singing and acting and dancing went on
during this play. I tried to stay out of everyone else’s
problems and just stay focused on my performance. Now I
feel kind of selfish. I wish I had been there for my

Whoa, this is really a crazy musical. It’s about a boy who
witnesses as his father murders his mother’s lover and then
goes deaf, dumb, and blind after his parents tell him that
he didn’t see or hear anything and not to say anything at
the age of four. His uncle molests the boy, Tommy, when he
is ten. His mean cousin, Kevin, teases him mercilessly and
takes him to the local youth club for laughs. There he
finds out that Tommy can play pinball, amazingly, just by
intuition. His parents take him to a specialist in hope of
finding a cure, but with no luck. His father meets the
Hawker who talks him into taking Tommy to see a gypsy who
will “cure” him. It’s crazy…

Oh man, I’m tired, I’m gonna go to bed now. Goodnight.

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