Yellow Angel

Larmes d'un ange
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2001-05-11 22:27:01 (UTC)

May 11, 2001 #2

I want to go to teh beach tonight. I don't really want to
do anything, jsut walk in the sand. It is a good place to
think. Maybe I shouldn't think though, it jsut upsets me.
But sometimes, good things come to my head too. I don't
know. If I go Tracy is coming with me, but she wants James
to come. If he comes I am going to feel like a 3rd wheel
even though they were my plans. I mean yeah, they aren't
going out but they are basically a couple. Plus, he
probably hates me becuase he is part of Basil's and Megan
hates me so obviously everyone else there has to too. You
know? That's soo dumb but whatever, I don't care...I kinda
want to go by myself but at the same time I want company...

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