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2002-03-12 19:09:34 (UTC)


NOTE: Written after the cast party on closing night (03-09 10-02)

You know, I know it’s cliché, but when you work on a
production like Kiss Me Kate for this long (8 weeks), the
cast really does become your family. There are so many
people that I never would have thought I would be friends
with that I now wonder how I could have gone so long with
out getting to know them. (yea I know, I’m rambling, but
it’s late and I’m really tired). Alex is the coolest kid,
even though I thought she was bitchy when I first met her.
Denise, whom I have always rather disliked (or envied,
truthfully), is now one of the people I respect the most.
Brittany, who I also disliked, is a pretty awesome person
as well. I saw a new side of Alex G. this week too. He’s
really a caring guy, even though he tries to hide it. I
realized a lot of this tonight (or last night rather, as
it’s 2:30am now) as I was writing in peoples programs. It
was actually easier for me to write stuff in peoples that I
just got to know recently then in peoples that I already
know really well. Strange. I like this whole writing thing
a lot.

I want to be a musical guru. You know, one of those people
who can play “Name That Tune” and never lose. I want to own
every single MGM musical on DVD. I love Broadway. I hope
I’ll get there someday. As Mr. Anderton says, “Great things
come to those who wait.” I hope I’ll get to do great
things. Someone, I can’t remember who, told me that I
should keep going with my education, but to also keep
auditioning and see where it takes me. I don’t want to
sound conceited, but I really think my singing has greatly
improved over the semester. All these people told me that I
sounded great even though the only solo I had was two bars
long. Eddie’s funny, he always looks up at me when he knows
my solo is about to start. I love it. Cecilia is such a
sweet little girl. She told me she likes the way I write.
I’ve never had anyone like my writing (man my hand is
hurting me from signing all those programs). I like to
write, I think I’ll do it more often. Jim is such a
muppet! :-P. Boy, am I ever glad that I stayed out of
the “crush”/ ”dating” game this time. It kept me focused.
Plus, I didn’t need to start problems with Cory by getting
with someone when I told him that I don’t have time for a
relationship right now (even though he tried to start stuff
with me by hanging all over Cecilia just to make me
jealous – what a little kid). I tried to stay “frosty.” Jon
Sera is such an awesome guy. I’m really happy to see him
with Jen. Ms. Harlan is the most amazing woman in the
world. She can heal everything from broken hearts to broken
ankles. She gives the best advice too. Okay, I’m too tired
to write more… “Dream a Dream…”