2002-03-12 19:04:31 (UTC)

"cant stand it. i just cant..

"cant stand it. i just cant stand it"


sometimes it amazing me what people are capable of

so spring break it coming...really very very soon. i have
so many papers and projects. and all of that. god. im
feeling so completly overwhelmed. and i really need a
break. but i doubt that its going to go the way id like it
to because of all the backed up shit. i need to scream.

the show was really good last night. doria roberts is so
fucking hot. jesus christ. did YOU see that ass? cuz i know
i couldnt take my eyes off it it. damn man. she was also
really sweet and cool. and that was even better. she signed
something for me. and it made me happy. bitch and animal
put on a really great show. definetly the best by far that
ive seen. possibly just because of the change of venue. but
it was just amazing. i felt bad because i really thought i
was just going to like...die. like my spine was going to
rip through my skin and just poop itself on the floor. i
was in so much pain. standing up that long...was not a very
smart thing on my part. but i couldnt help it. it drives me
crazy. emily is going to the other show today in
gainesville. i hope that all goes well with nikki and that
she doesnt piss her off to much. i dont like her being
upset. the flat tire yesturday was pretty interesting.
josh. ha. yeah...i have to go to work really soon. i dont
want to go at all. my neck hurts and i cant turn it to the
right. i dont know why. i must have slept weird.
so i got little sleep last night. got up and went to school
until 12. slept for less than an hour. and now i will go to
work. where i will be until 7ish. leave there and go
somewhere else to try and write one of these 6 major
fucking paper i need to have done in like a week.
just shove my pen up my ass. i think im going crazy.

so ill just go to work now and join the rest of the crazy
fucking people.