Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2002-03-12 18:37:32 (UTC)

Do you ever think there s..

Do you ever think there's another you lying on a metal
table with rose petals falling all around?
My CD's aren't here..and I'm pissed off waiting!
My tech turned out to be fine, but I got a comment in
Physics for not writing about ultrasound...I mean, WHY?!?!

I got completely fucked off because I was so tired.

But I'm not tired, umm...yeah.

If my sister goes to that dance thingy tonight, and I go to
Megans, maybe, just maybe she'll agree to go to Ozzfest
avec moi.I really want to go, as I didn't get to go last
year-I had no friends which WANTED to go. But if she'll go
to the Leeds Fest., she *might* want to go to Ozzfest,

Sharron could take us, if we ask VERRRRRY nicely,
and...umm, we could go!

I hope Manson is playing,'s nothing official-just
a rumor at the moment.
Cradle of Filth-Umm...I can listen to them, just don't
particualrly like them. dad likes 'em.
Disturbed-You'd have to be to listen to them!
System of a Down-Saw them last year at Leeds,
umm....they're ok-ish, just a load of schoopid fans!
Slayer-they're okies.

And Manson's on R1 tonight, I think. He's *supposed* to
be, but...

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