Why Me ?
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2002-03-12 18:29:47 (UTC)


I read sams diary today. she keeps saying she is afraid of
losing me. i would never leave her, or ever give up on her.
i do keep putting guilt trips on her to try and get her to
break up with kyle, but it just pisses her off. what i
reall want to say is "sam, if you dont break up with kyle
now, there is no chance for us!" but i cant do that, i am
too soft, i just cant stop loving her, hopefully soon she
will see that i really do still love her. the reason i dont
talk on the phone much with her anymore is because i hate
the phone now. i get so sick of talking to people all the
time on the phone at work, espacially when all they do is
yell at me. it sux, but o well, i get paid $7.50 an hour
for just sitting on my ass and listening to people scxream
at me. anyways, im kinda bored, and hungry, i just had to
get it out that i do still want sam, and that i cant
believe that she still cares for me. i thought she was
getting bored over me.


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