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2002-03-12 18:26:12 (UTC)

I'M OFFENDED- by your lack of common sense

Why is it that people are so quick to scream that they are
offended? And over the smallest and piddliest of
things? "I'm offended because you think that the sky is
blue!! When really, it's a combination of Roy G.
Biv!" "Your reasoning behind why society is in a decline
has faulty logic behind it- since it isn't mine... and I'm
offended by it!" Good god people, do you really have nothing else to
run that little gerbil in your head about? Give him some rest for
cripes sake- and start mulling over something worthwile.

People that are easily offended by anything having to do with their
background or ethnicity are the people that really puzzle me.
Granted, if someone is talking down to you because of your
background, ethnicity, what have you.. you have every right to be
upset. Duh- because they are using it in an offensive manner towards
YOU. However, screaming "SCREW YOU" and flipping someone the bird at
the mention of a racial slur that has nothing to do with you is a
bit over the top. Personally, I view racial slurs as something
outside of myself.. and don't take them personally. You can call me
a Honkie, a white bitch, a cracker, a WASP.. and whatever other slurs
you can come up with- but I'm not going to take offense to it. Know
why? Because I am not souly defined by my race. I'd like to think
that I am much more than the color of my skin and where my family
came from hundereds of years ago. When people behave in a radically
opposite manner to this it just proves that they have something else
wrong with them.. that forever- nagging chip on their shoulder for
one reason or another.

Having a chip on one's shoulder is something I will never really
understand. My body of friends is made up of countless backgrounds,
and we always wonder about the fact that some people refuse to
let their seeming 'injustice' die. As if the fact that their
ancestors were treated less than fairly entitles them to some kind of
special treatment today. Well guess what- my background is vast, and
includes Native American, Irish, English, and French. They killed and
maimed my ancestors for land, spread plagues throughout their
country, beheaded many of my ancestors for no reason other than spite
and started countless revolutions against them. Do you hear me
whining? No. PLUS I'm a woman on top of it.. I get discriminated
against all the time JUST because of that. And do I whine about it?
No. I just view it as people having a closed mind on the whole.

Overall... I think that people are just FAR too sensitive about
things that don't directly concern them. Pardon me if this isn't
exactly "PC"... however, in my case, I have better things to worry
about then jumping down people's throats every time I'm mildy annoyed
with something they say. I would suggest, for those of you so quick
to be offended, that you find something else to concern yourself
with.... because whining constantly about such things will only lead
to trouble... and a hoarse voice from being up on your soapbox all
the time.

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