Sporty Tomboy

2002-03-12 17:55:49 (UTC)


hey people i just wanted to say cuz i can do that. i miss
people who were sick today. they needsa come back cuz i wuv
you people, ya all know who ya is. so i had to take a
psychology test today ick it was not fun it was about the
brain and its functions. oooo la la. lol and dood peter i
do miss you i told you a million times! haha well huggles
cuddles and snuggles to the cutest guy ever :) and i love
you all the people in my family, which actually really is
like half the skool. lol i love all of you! ooo theres the
bell byesy

love you ppl!

**libbalicious licky libby is goneeee