lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-03-12 17:03:10 (UTC)

these are my hands, these are my faults...

these are my plans, these are my nasty little thoughts
i wrote them down for you to contemplate at a later date

whatever that song has to do with anything. good journal quote,
though. i am just perturbed by the boy issues. or maybe the
lack thereof. but no one (in my main life, that is)
has a boyfriend right now, even though everyone likes
someone. i find that kinda interesting. i'm definitely
better off single right now, but i better stop talking to boys.

for instance, i need to stop talking to eddie. even though
we keep our secrets like we say we will, it's dangerous to
be mixed up in the web of trust, right? or maybe i'm just
bitter & jaded?? well i think the world is too small &
everyone tries to help everyone & then we end up more
miserable than before. case in point: MY LIFE. ohhh sorry
that was random. true, though. why is everyone either
someone's sibling or cousin or best friend or boyfriend or
neighbor or milkman? does it ever stop?!

and i really shouldn't be having any issues with boys...and
if i am, i really shouldn't be worried about them...and i
really shouldn't talk about them here, so i won't. but no
matter what i get criticized for my feelings on boys anyway
so whatever. ahh that actually sounded really mad, but
it's not. i'm okay. no, for reals!

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