Marco Jacksonovic

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2002-03-12 16:47:51 (UTC)

And then it will be winter.

Those of you who know Norwich know Unthank Road. Those of
you who don't, its one of those roads that connects
residential areas to the city itself, and such a beast
exists in every town and city.

I walk along it quite a lot. Its not the fashionable
student thing to do. I ought to bus along and walk only in
the town centre, but I don't much care for what students

I've done it twice (well, four times) this week, once
yesterday and once today. Both times have been quite
chilly, and both quite clear overhead too. Its about a 10-
15 walk along the road itself for me, and I enjoy it.

Today, though, moreso than normal, as it seems the cherry
blossom has not just appeared which it did last week, but
started exuding that unmistakeable aroma that means Spring
is here. And so I am happy.

And on top of this I found a 12" version of Nightswimming
today, so I can dream of the days when I can play that in a
scenario better than the one I have now.

Love you and leave you....

WILT? Daniel - Elton John (Very Best Of...)