Incoherent Thoughts...
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2002-03-12 16:42:29 (UTC)

Tensions running high...

Music: None that i can hear thanks to my sisters new stereo wouldn't be so bad if she had a good
taste in music...

Yes, so this morning was the dentist appt. I was thrilled,
really. I hate it when they scrape your teeth with the
metal thing...but YAY!!! no cavities!!! not that i was
expecting any. Had to take my sister too. It amazes me how
annoying one person can be. She whines, complains, insults
me,says horrible things...=P siblings. I was able to
escape for a precious few min with just me and my computer.
I am really enjoying this week, it has allowed me to spend
a lot of time reflecting on changes that need to be made in
my life and the one that comes to mind first is i need to
be more tolerant of pests (a.k.a my sister) I think things
in general would go much better if i could handel her a bit
better...we'll see how that goes, but i will try.

My mother is really hyped about this week...i think it's
bonding time or something. She booked herself, my sister
and i an appt. at a "fancy salon" this afternoon. Maybe
i'll get a decent haircut. But it's goona be fun. I don't
get to see me mom that often and well, my sis will just be
there. And mommy being the person she is offered to foot
the bill so i have to get of my lazy butt and go down and
do that.=) As for the rest of the week..who knows where
i'll end up. If i'm lucky it'll be waterloo on
saturday ...ahaha. Hopefully before that i'll get to go
out with some friends ;) tee hee. Oh yeah, i do have work
to do. darn. Well, this is all until i can sneak away
again...muah ha ha. Peace out