lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-03-12 16:41:54 (UTC)

a new holiday

ok so yesterday was national ignore lindsay day. grrrr...

at school, i was talking to ms. ramirez for like 5 minutes
trying to explain to her why things aren't working out &
why missions club is stressing me out & all this stuff.
and she kept shaking her head and saying, "no es bueno,
lourdes!" and that was really dumb so i just said "uh ok"
and left because sometimes people don't even want to hear

and then i went to the doctor & i told her i really wanna
go on accutane and she said okay, but my mom was like
freaking out cuz this is the 3rd time...haha well i don't
see why she wasn't worried when i took it when i was 13.
hmmm...anyway, the nurse was bugging me and telling me i
had to write down two forms of protection i plan to use.
and i was like "umm is abstinence not enough?" and she
said "you need to use abstinence and one other form of
birth control." if you ask me, that makes no sense cuz if
you're using abstinence there's no reason for anything
else...but i see why they have to do it. and then i kept
swearing on my butt that i am a virgin and i'm abstinent
and she was like "okay, well, i hear from a lot of people
who think they're when was the last time you
had sex?" uhh...right...

and then we had to stop @ the mall so brian could get some
shoes (cuz, ya know, he needs them), so i went to look in
journeys to see if they have the shoes i'm in love with
yet. and i looked all over the store and didn't see them,
but i asked the lady just to be sure. and i told her the
name of them 5 times and she still got it wrong and then
she said, "sweetie i don't think we sell DCs." ok so that
explains you having a big stack of them right behind you.

haha i just think it's funny when nobody listens to me. oh
yes, and there was the angry bread incident, which i tried
to prevent, but it just caused a 3-second rage from my mom
anyway. oh well.

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