The Complete Life of Jason
2001-05-11 21:28:25 (UTC)

Fourth Publishing - Friday!

Ok, one word. Acronym, really. TGIF!

Today was an average day, not good, not bad. Today in math
something quite unusual happened... I was actually thinking
about math, and lo and behold, something came to me. Dustin
(last name withdrawn) and I figured out something very
important. Him and I both worked out an equation that
simplifies the process in finding the lateral and surface
area of cubes. As far as anyone, including the teacher, had
heard, this formula was unheard of. Maybe something good
will come from this. Maybe not, hard to tell.

Ok, I am a tidbit paranoid that someone from my school or
someone that knows me may be reading this, but, the
likeliness of that is rather low. I have started to develop
a.. thing for one of the girls that rides my bus and is in
my fourth hour class. I'm not really in love or lust,
mainly a crush. Her name is Kelly, and she DOES have a
boyfriend, so it would be pointless to try anything with
her anyway.

While I'm talking about things for people, I may as well
bring up someone else. I have had a crush on this girl
named Heidi since about sixth grade. Odd? Yeah. It's
probably mostly lust, but who really knows? She's hot and
smart, the main things I look at in people.

Don't be scolding me about caring about looks. If a person
is ugly and all, that's fine, I won't complain. But let's
get real, looks are an added bonus.

Enough of my rambling for today, I wish you all a good
friday and a happy weekend :)

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