Baby Story
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2002-03-12 13:32:50 (UTC)

24 wks 1 day

Okay okay, I know, your wondering HOW in the WORLD I am 24
weeks and 1 day pregnant? Well... I went back to the
doctors and they decided that they weren't going to change
my Due Date based on the Ultrasound. They have "strict"
rules about changing due dates, and if the ultrasound
doesn't show a difference of more than 2 weeks, then they
dont change it. Sooo, Im back at my July 2nd due date!
Woo Hoo! Its kinda frustrating that they keep changing the
date. But I liked the july 2 date, so I'm happy to keep
it. Only like 9 more days until my Ultrasound! I can't
wait. Lets just HOPE that the baby is a bit more
cooperative about showing us his/her sex organs!!! I'm so
excited! My stomach is growing to be SO big. Its funny,
because people consitently comment on how they haven't ever
really seen someone my size at 6 months pregnant. I look
like I'm about ready to POP! This is going to be fun, I
can tell. That might explain why I have gained 23 pounds
already also. Ugh, that sounds like SO much! Oh well.
I'm healthy and my baby is healthy, so all is well! I went
to the doctors last week. The appointment went well. I
met the other doctor (the third one that I hadn't yet
seen) She is really nice. My uterus is measuring at 24
centimeters. Right on track. The babys heartbeat sounded
great, nice and strong. And I found out that if my mom can
make it up here in time, she can be present at the
delivery! Yay! I also signed up for my birthing classes.
We are taking the birthing (lamaze) class, a preparing for
baby class, and a breastfeeding class. They will start
next month. I'm getting more and more excited about our
upcoming move into the new apartment! Oh! Im planning a
trip to go visit one of my best friends Heather down in
Georgia the first week in April! yup, thats right! A
WHOLE WEEK in Georgia in ONLY 2 1/2 Weeks! I'm super
excited. It will be good to have a get-away, and spend
some time with her. She is 7 months pregnant! Goodness
this is going to be fun! Nelson and I are doing
wonderfully. I am loving my job. And all is well. Hope
everyone is doing great out there!!! Miss you all!