love and sex and miss-matched socks
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2002-03-12 13:31:46 (UTC)

im not sure anymore

Last night I talked to josh online. Things were fine and i
thought i would let him know how i feel and lately im not
sure why but i have been writting ad writting and nothing
makes me stop so i sent him a poem and he responded
wtih 'whats going on with you? your mind. its fucked up'
the peom i sent i do not consider very depressing
of 'fucked up' or anything related. a little but you cannot
expect something coming from this situation to be all
sunshine and smiles.

so whatever. i dont care.

and thats a lie.

becuase if i didnt i wouldnt have stayed up til the morning
hours crying. but i did.

because im a loser. i am sick. i am pathetic.

i seriously need help because here i am sitting in first
block in front of 30 other kids crying because i cant get
the excel graphs to work correctly.