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2002-03-12 13:09:46 (UTC)

Congratulations to me!

I got 6 (A) on my how to make a web site test, wiiiiii:-)
Tomorrow is my birthday, wow, Im to be 18, can you beliebe
it, I cant.

I did something yesteday, maybe because I was mad at s*
cause he wassnt there to talk to me when I was online. He
was online, but he wassnt there anyway. So I checked up a
few things, some pople would probobly call it hacking, but I
wouldt and I found out a few things about that time with
Because Im thinking about going back to them, you see its a
bunch of boy`s, Miguel is just one of them. We used to hang
out a the gym and do some traing, they also did some talking
and me and Miguel some flirting as well. I sow him some days
ago, but Im not sure if he sow me, he diddsnt do anything

About S* Im really pissed, why wont he talk to me, why??
Nothing much (as I can come up with) has happend since last
time we talked, jeje. He`ll come back I know,the reson Im
freaking out this time is probobly because he`ll be home
soon, and I want everything to be perfect til then:-)
Its probobly just me over reacting agen.

Home everything is great, my mun have a lot of work to do so
I have to cover for her sometimes at home since she is
out.(she has a lot of diffrent jobs and she is also a
volunatre) Thats okey, our house is a mess but I like to do
some of her work sometimes, people are always so nice to me

Im going to see Tim tomorrow, maybe. We`re gonna have a ski
ing day at school and I hate skiing so Im gonna skip school
and go in to the city and celebrate:-)
A lot of things has happend lately with me and Ti, but I`ll
tell you more about that later.