To Tuonela I Go
2001-05-11 20:38:47 (UTC)

In the beginning....

NOTICE: if you are easily offended then please dont read
from my diary. ;)

Today I have just signed up for a free online diary after
deciding i wanted to make a website, but they wouldn't let
me link to good stuff like so scratch
that.... So after that I remembered that there was a site
where i could do online diaries. After a few unsuccessful
attempts to remember the url, I did some searching on Found a link to this site (some idiot put it in
as so now that I have this things should go

Heres a list of some things I plan to do:

Update on good books/cds
Talk a lot about atheistic philosophy
complain about how weird my friends are
rant about school happenings
maybe type some lyrics
list links to interesting sites
list links to freaky sites
talk about thinks happening to me
talk about my feelings on things
talk about things that happen on irc
rant and rave about various programs
rant about life with a 56k

Thats just some of the stuff.

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