Garden of Stones
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2002-03-12 05:33:24 (UTC)

I hate myself and I want to die.

I think Ill write a nice little haiku for you all(? Who, I
dont know):

I see my foot now
It is bleeding profusely
I stepped on a nail

Not very imaginative huh? I guess its cause Im a moron, or
cause its 12:30 am. Well, last week was fun. My mom,
brother, and step father all went on a trip to the
Dominican Republic for a week, leaving the house to me. HA!
Well guess who came over for about four days? Crystal,
baby! Ive never had so much sex in four consecutive days. I
got drunk twice, smoked some weed, and basically slept
alot. Hell, if there is no one to wake me, I aint goin no
wheres to school! Jeez, maybe I should start attending
school more often. My grammar has gone to shit.

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