O_o HuH?
2002-03-12 05:16:08 (UTC)

It's been a while...

Not too much has happened in the past week or so. It's been
rather slow...and rather lonely at that. I don't get to
spend any time with Lacey. I give her a ride to school each
morning (except for fridays), but other than's
just not the same. Things were so much easier when she
lived at Mike's. I could show up pretty much anytime and
expect to see her. I'd talk to Mike a bit and eventually
make my way in to see her. It didn't matter what we was always fun and exciting. Memories of being
pinned to her bed with her trying as hard as she could to
keep me there still flow through my head. *Grin* Yeah, I
wish it were still that way. That kinda reminds me of that
scene from Tomcats...oh, n/m. hehe. I love her more than
ever, but I don't get to see her nearly as much. So, I do
what I can to see her. It's either I give her a ride each
morning, and at least get to spend 5 minutes with her, or I
don't hear from her for weeks at a time. I can't deal with
that. I'm still waiting for her to say "Hey, why don't you
come over and spend the night or something?" (hint
hint...I'm still up for the offer..heheh)
I got in a car accident on Saturday. I was driving with my
mom and my brother on the 10 freeway...just coming up on
West Covina...we had made a trip to Pasadena and Torrance.
My mom got food poisoning on thursday, but she didn't
really know it, so I told her she needed to go to her
doctor to get checked out. She didn't want to at first, but
I convinced her to...I don't want her to get sick and die
on me now...she's my mommy..heh. So we took off to Pasadena
to her doctor...turns out just to be mild food
poisoning...I'd hate to see serious food poisoning...and
after that, we headed to the Mitsuwa Marketplace to get
some JRock..w00t. I finally bought the Malice Mizer Kami's
Memorial Box.'s a beautiful set...nice artwork.
Anyway, back to the story...we were on our way home...just
coming up on West Covina...just after the 605 interchange.
I was in the number 2 lane...the slow lane turned into an
offramp about a quarter mile ahead of us. Traffic was for
shit, as usual on that piece of crap freeway, so I was
trying to decide whether or not we should just get off and
take side streets the rest of the way...we were just about
home anyway. I decided to just bear it out on the freeway.
So just as I made my decision, some asshole in an SUV,
obviously NOT watching where he was going, pulled into the
lane in front of me and made a sudden stop. So I stopped
(with about an inch to spare), the car behind me stopped,
the car behind that car stopped, but the car behind him
didn't... So I hear screeching tires and look in the rear
view mirror just to see a chain of cars headed toward us.
Thump, thump, thump. I saw it coming, so I had my foot hard
on the brakes the entire time. Luckily, because I was quick
enough to react, we didn't hit the SUV. So, we pulled over
and my mom got out to check the damage. Two small bolt
imprints on our bumper from the licence plate on the car
behind us, and a tiny scratch. Very little damage at all.
So she gets back in and says "I'm satisfied. Let's get the
fuck out of here." Knowing it's illegal to flee the scene
of an accident, I said "Are you sure?!" before I floored
it. Fucking SUV...nobody should be able to own an SUV
unless they know how to fucking drive one. It's not a
fucking's not the only fucking vehicle on the
road. These egotistical bastards that own them need to
realize that they aren't fucking God, they aren't fucking
invincible behind the wheel of one. Jesus Christ! I've said
it time and time again. FUCK YOU ASSHOLES!!! I'm okay now,
seriously...*deep breath* No one was hurt, and we got away
without having to deal with any shit. I still feel bad
though...and there goes my perfect driving record...but it
doesn't matter...there's no record of it. I'll prolly get
the bumper replaced to surprise my mom.. She says it's no
big deal, but I fucked up her car...that's all there is to
it. I feel bad about it.
I love you, Lacey! See you in the morning!