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2002-03-12 05:09:30 (UTC)


My favorite comment from the night of studying:
Olivia: "What the f*** does this knob do?!"

Today I felt as if I hadn't been to any of my classes in 20
years...I kid you not. I do not believe that I understood
anything any of my professors said in any of my classes.
Ciji came to stay with us yesterday and today. I hope she
wasn't frightened by our massive amount of stuff. Not to
mention the fact that our fire alarm went off twice
today...within 2 hours. Luckily, we concluded that neither
of the alarms were Heather's fault. :-p
Cell review session this afternoon...wasted an hour of my
time, as it did me no good...at all.

Thought #1-If it's about me...could you just tell me? That
would help me out a lot, thanks.

Thought #2-Isn't it fun just to take an idea and run with
it? Imagine all the possibilites. Forget the stupid
reality of this insane world. It could happen.

And now...to bed b/c tomorrow will be an early day,
complete with a long night of studying. Whoever invented
cell biology should be kicked in the leg...really hard.
More than once.

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