Sarah Michelle

Sarah Michelle
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2001-05-11 19:57:35 (UTC)

Free day

I finally have a day all to myself! On Wed. I had
Spartanette practice for 4 hours and I did something to my
knee. I got home from school yesterday and was about ready
to kill everyone in site. I mean I failed my Algebra test..
I got 17 out of 50. I even thought I understood that crap
too! What was I thinking! Today after school I am going to
the liscence branch to get my permit. I finally go t Mr.
Ryder to sign that damn pink slip!
The capt. of the dance team was in car wreak on Tues. ! We
have 2 capt.'s and one (Lindsey) got into a wreak last
month and Emily got into one on my birthday! How horrible
is that?
I told off my band teacher the other day. She kept on
telling me that I never told her that I didn't get this
music and that I should have told her and I should of
gotten Levi's copied. So I finally bitched back that I did
and that she wouldn't believe me anyways because she hated
me because I was quiting. All these people in class were
laughing because I was the only one that had the nerve to
tell that dang teacher off. It was kinda funny. I mean the
look in her face and everything.
Wes and I are still going good. Almost 8 months now...WOW!
We got into this huge fight Tues. on my b-day. I supposivly
said something to did something but he wouldn't tell me
what and that got me mad so Tues. night after my party
really sucked. He still won't tell me what I did. Maybe I
will find out tonight! I dunno! Well--I g/g later all!