This is the beloved air I breathe
2002-03-12 04:47:26 (UTC)

Extra: Beth's most emberassing moment!

Have you ever been convicted of being a blabbermouth?
Telling everyone else secrets that you know are personal,
but you just can't contain yourself? Well, I have, but I
don't tell other people's secrets, I'm real good about
that - it's my own secrets that I can't keep my mouth shut
I had a "most emberassing moment" happen last night.
I am a part of the e-board for the Christian club that I
am a part of on campus...."He" just happens to be the
president of the club. We had a meeting last night, and
after the meeting we were all just chillin' talking and
stuff, and for some reason the topic of weddings came up.
(We all have a mutual friend who is getting married in a
couple of weeks)
Us girls gave their opinions about what we want our
weddings to be like and then I asked the boys what they
wanted theirs to be like.
"He" said that he wanted to have his on a yaht (spelling?)
that could hold like 200 people. I was like "oh, you mean
like from the little mermaid" (you all have seen the
movie, right? Arial gets married on a boat and her father
is a merman and he comes out of the water with his sceptor
just in the knick of time....) anyways, everyone had
something to say about it and I was like "yeah, an my dad
would come out of the water with his fins and..." about 3
seconds delayed after I said that, I realized just what
exactly I had said! I just declared that I was picturing
MYSELF as marying him! Oh, if only you could have been
inside my heart to know how fast it was pouding. During
that moment of panic, my acting skills didn't fail me....I
was able to look like I was completely calm and
collected. Everyone who knew that I like him cought on to
what I had said, and had to restrain themselves from
laughing as well. He caught it too. He had been standing
up and he just turned the other direction and pretended to
be reading a poster on the wall. OMIGOSH!!
He called me tonight to talk about something for the
group, and it was a little awkward...only a little more
than it ususally is...

I'm such a silly goose! I have been laughing about it
everytime I think about it, cause there is absolutely
nothing more that i can do. I wish I could just get
inside his head.
I am content though. I just feel like a fool.


have you ever seen the movie "you've got mail"? That has
to be one of my favorate movies! Well, wouldn't it be
cool if "He" had been reading this the whole time and had
no idea that I was me and he was him? I know that's not
possible, he barely has enough time in the day to

I love responses