Living In The Dark
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2002-03-12 04:05:24 (UTC)

Car Thieves Work Here

I arrived at work tonight to find a parcel of parking lot
signs on my desk. Apparently, these had been ordered for
the benefit of our customers - making them aware that they
need to protect their vehicles and belongings from auto

The sign (with a graphic of a seedy gentlemen picking a
lock) reads: WARNING! Car Thieves Work Here

I must say I am a little offended. ;o) This is one for Jay
Leno. I should take a picture of my boss and I with our
name tags on, standing next to the sign, with the theatre
in the background, giving one of those goofy tourist waves.


Surely as the whispered waves break
Oe'r the dusty, clumping grains
Under the transparently reflective sky
Near to the elements' joint
Depth comes to us all.