emo kween

i hug pillows
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2002-03-12 03:32:34 (UTC)

my emo-ness will rock you


oh, quick question; is it ok for me to be having these
thoughts about random freshmen boys?


im in such a silly mood. and i think ben needs to get
online. that nerd.

i cut my hair tonite. somewhat. yea.

nothing has happened.

i talked to brian til like 1:20 am. i was sleepy all day.

nothing new is going on at all.


im ok i suppose.

nothing exciting.

st.patricks day parade is on saturday. booyah.


school was, school.

well. one thing has happened.
i stopped actually 'liking' cameron.
i realize that hes not at all what i want in a guy and hes
the worst guy for me.

so im ready for someone whos willing to put up with my
corny jokes and random comments. any takers??


im leaving now.



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