Roland Deschain

Dimensions of Life
2001-05-11 18:39:14 (UTC)


I hate lunch.
Usually during lunch I play "hooky" and go to the school
library to get on the 'Net. I hate going down to the
cafeteria because 1. No one I really know goes to 1st lunch
and 2. The guys I do know spit on me and throw stuff at
me. Yes, I am a spineless wuss. So I go to the library
and have a good time on the 'Net (no, I don't look at
porn. Not at the school library, anyway). But yesterday
and today the librarian figured out I was there without
permission and made me go to the cafeteria. So I sat with
some guys who I sort of like sitting by in a masochistic
way. For a while we talked about sex, pussy, etc, etc. and
they got me to talk like an idiot to a lot of girls. I'm