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2002-03-12 03:24:22 (UTC)

Weekend 7.24p

Okay, I haven't written since Friday...Not much has really
happened. Still feeling kind of blah, sad, hopeless...you
Saturday: I went to a personal statement (for college)
workshop and kept score for another tournament. (I was at
school from 9 in the morning until 6!!!WAY too long.)

Sunday: I tried to sleep in. I figure, the more time I
sleep, the less time I have to be around people who make me
feel shitty (ie: almost everyone except for my grandma (far
away), Megan (not allowed according to parents), Nicholas
(my brother- he is only three months old), and a couple of
other people at school (V, G, sometimes J). Well at 6:11 in
the AM (!!!), my brother, Adam (3 years old) woke me up
with his extemely loud yelling, which was followed by my
mum yelling back at him. After that, I couldn't get back to
sleep, but I managed to stay in my bed until about 7:30 or
so. Yes. Lovely. The beginning of a terrific day. Well, I
decided to try and turn it around. I persuaded mum to drop
me off at the bookstore for a couple of hours. Heaven. I
want to live in a bookstore. I treated myself to two books
and a magazine. Dreamworld, Annie Leibovitz: Women and
Organic Style. Oh, and some Godiva chocolate biscuits
(yum). I lied to myself and said it made me feel better.

Monday (today): nothing. Really, It was an empty day.