2002-03-12 03:18:57 (UTC)

a headache kind of day.

Today I woke up with a major headache, dizziness,
disoriantaion, and my eyes hurt. (OUCH!!!) It was like
having a hang over. Except I didn't wanna throw up. The
paine just didn't go away. Although now I know what caused
it. It's the heat in the house. We had such cold days, when
they weren't on at all. (They're still not fixed.) Recently
the bedrooms were warm and mine was just plain hot. Now
everything is hot. I think even warmer over there in
California. My mom told me that it must be something about
my room cause she came in, and went groccery shopping. When
she was out, she had a headache. And she wasn't there as
long as I. I'm not sleeping there today, and my room is
opened so that the bad atmosphere will leave. I gotta learn
some basic Feng-Shui. That way I can arrange things to have
a great positive atmosphere, and have a great night sleep.
Besides, it could be rather useful for the new place in
college. If we would set up our furniture in such a
positive atmosphere. That way we would sleep better, get
better grades, focus better, heal faster if ever need to,
and most likely get a long quite well too. (But I think
getting along won't be a problem, and Feng-Shui wouldn't
improve an almost perfect relationship if it could.)

But anyway, I studied French for half a day yesterday.
(Unfortunately it was in my room.) I got passed food and
school subjects. So I'm in the middle of the 4th unit.
We're on unit 7 in class now. Just started today. Oh, and
great news, I got my drawing approved for my painting.
We've been preparing for it for 1/2 a year already. Today
was the first day anyone got approved. Except for me there
were atleast 2 other people that were to start on the
larger drawings. That's not the final project though. Later
we have to redraw it on canvas, and start painting. The
canvas will be reall big. It's almost up to my collar bone
in width, and about up to my belt in hight. WOW!!! A lot of
painting. Good thing is it's all done at home, so we don't
have to bring it there and back all the time. Yeay!!!
Although it is also a bad thing cause we don't have the
teacher there to help us, and it is our final semester

Other then that, my friend Aiondria got a job as something
like a telemarketer nearby school. She told me that we have
a career room where students can get info. on jobs,
internships, whatever. That's where she found the number
for that job. She called, got an interview, and now got
hired. Now she gets $8 and hour. I'm so calling, if they
are still hiring.

Other then that, I'm kinda concerned. What is up with
Andrew? Does his mom not let him get on anymore? What's up
with that? I do wanna talk to him. It's been kinda long. I
wanna ask him about that whole running away thing so I can
tell him what Teresa and I always say (also what the song
says): Just hold on a little longer. Only a year and a half
left. Made it so far already. I wonder what's up with that.

Well I'm gonna go now since no one interesting is on now.