~*Diary Of A Lost Soul*~
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2001-05-11 16:56:28 (UTC)

5/11/01 12:51pm

So once again I awake in this wretcehd state of mind. The
tears never cease to fall. Living is not free... And the
price is paid with pain... That's my new philosophy.

And it doesn't help that I am in store for a Friday &
Saturday night at home. Of course Sunday I am going to the
Edgefest where I get to see Disturbed, Staind & a bunch of
other bands. I'm just gonna let myself go wild there... Not
holding back anything. I am so tired of holding back... Of
hiding things... I'm not the person that I show to
others... I can be different... I... I don't know... I
just... I just wanna do something crazy... Like I did on
Spring Break... I wanna be out of control... I mean my mind
is already far out of control so why not let the rest of me
do the same.

-Living is not free... And the price is paid with pain-
: :Rachel: :

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