Nya The Rogue

The Journal of Now
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2002-03-12 01:16:46 (UTC)

Entry Way After Last Entry

Havent written in a while because I was working on my
story. Im not sure if I mentioned that I titled it 'Journey
Through The Mist'.When i visit my dad I'm gonna start a
game of Alice. Its this cool, demented game. Its based on
Alice and Wonderland.Ha!Your all looking at me as if Im mad!
But thats just it!We're allllllll mad here!...Heh heh,
sorry bout that. Its not a kids game.It rated Mature.Its a
demented version of wonderland.Alice has a knife and is in
a mental hospital.Its sooooooooo awesome.Heres my favorite
saying from it...

Alice:Theres more than one way to cut this unruley deck in

And heres a scene with the Dutchess....

Dutchess:Ah, pretty small for a meal..Will make a good
appetizer I think..

Alice:Give me the mockturtle shell now you old hag!

Dutchess:Over my dead body!

Alice:i can accomandate you

I forget anything that happened these past few weeks.There
goes the short term memory thing again.Oh!Gettin the puppy
in three weeks!Woohoo!Well, thats pretty much it..Tata..