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2002-03-12 00:27:57 (UTC)

You've blinded me with... Science!?

I cannot tell you how many people I have encountered that
think learning how to do a proper scientific experiment is
an art that was lost at the end of High School Chemistry.
Seems funny to me that a process so important would be
given no more consideration than that of a torn, slightly
water-stained copy of The Chemical World and You (and yes
it looked JUST like this when you gave it to me at the
beginning of the year... that exploding bottle of water in
my bag over break had NOTHING to do with it)

But who actually needs to know this kind of stuff? How is a
proper scientific experiment practical in any sense? Well,
surprising to some, many people devote much of their
professional or educational careers on things in and
surrounding lab experiments. And no, it’s not just
stereotypical white-haired scientists trying to discover
the next pathway to the third dimension. Actual people,
with actual goals with an actual knowledge base conduct
such experiments- and everyone’s life is the better for it.

People are always bemused when I tell them that I love to
research in the clinical sense. Very few of my fellow
students can actually grasp the concept of why one would
like to do something that involves so much painstaking
precise effort. Alright... so using a medicine dropper to
feed various cell cultures isn't that exciting...and using
SPSS to calculate reams and reams of clinical data isn't as
dynamic as it sounds... and collecting saliva samples from
3-year olds is usually the opposite of what people find
fascinating.. however, I seriously doubt anyone who
questions my involvement has had an article of theirs
published in a national medical journal- ha! Sorry folks,
there are no medical journals for morons- with the
exception of the Dallas Jornal of Hickory, of course. But I
haven't seen anything from you in there either. Surprise,

No matter what I really say about my research or research
in general, I am usually met with one of two responses: 1.)
a blank stare 2.) a quizzical look as the person goes back
to doing something important... like thinking about
themselves. You think I'm kidding, but I am completely not.
You'd be surprised how many people's brains completely shut
off when they are spoken to about things far above their
level of understanding. One would think that people would
care at least a bit about something that effects their
daily lives. Honestly... I want to try to see if I can
actually hold someone who fits in this category's attention
long enough to see what would happen if their brain tried
to process what I was saying. Talk about smoke coming out
the ears.

Sometimes though, I'd almost rather be ignored. The other
opposite parallel is when people pretend to know exactly
what it is that I'm doing- and of course, prove that they
are intellectually superior. "Ah yes yes yes, Cortisol
research. Oh yes.. I do believe I studied that in one class
or another. If memory serves, the stress system is full of
it- just full of it!"

Yeah, I can think of something else that is full of it-
just full of it

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