2002-03-12 00:24:48 (UTC)

Drama Queens and Mob Mentality

The title pretty much says it all.

What is this 1692? The Salem Witch trials come to mind....
as does Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter. All about persecution
of something that is rediculous in the first place...some
random Drama Queen blows something way out of preportion
and a small fire turns into a California redwood destroyer.

Have you ever noticed that when one person becomes upset
about something, everyone suddenly does? Granted, if you
have a reason to be upset about something by all means
PLEASE BE UPSET ABOUT IT. You have every right to be pissed
off if someone says something to you or about you that you
think is unjust. To you I say, right on. However, it's
those people that come out of the woodworks just to get
their opinions heard on something totally unrelated to them
that I get flustered with. "Oh no you did not say that
about my 2nd mother's cousin twice removed!" "I think it is
morally wrong for you to state your opinion on the fate of
puppies because I identify with their current plight of
growth!" C'mon people! Get off your damn soapbox and get a
life. Perhaps if you were busy.. I don't know, studying or
doing something with your life you wouldn't have the
leisure to get upset with things that don't concern you.

Mob mentality encourages this I do believe. I mean, it is
easier to be upset with something if a whole horde of
people are isn't it? Perhaps this is what too many people
get caught up in. "Hm.. if I yell my severe dislike of
parking permits I can feel one with the rest of the student
body, giving my life purpose!" No thanks. Sure, mob
mentality may make that argument seem as nice and shiny as
one of those worthless Pocahontas Golden Dollars, but mob
mentality is also what killed so many of movies' best
characters.... such as bambi's mother. Think about it...
and put away those pitchforks.

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