my thought's deep inside
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2001-05-11 15:09:24 (UTC)

What up all?

well last night well me and my bro and sis walking to the
school we ran in to this guy named Paul he's like 23 and he
tried to hit me with his car and got out and said hey you
aren't that tuff you know! and then got in his car and
stoped in front of use and the fucker was starten shit with
me so me and my bro was about to take the fucker down but
there was people around so we didn't. anyway so we went to
the school and played some bball and fuck Christina didn't
come out i think she was grounded? so well we went back home
to eat supper and than my foster parents decided that they
wanted to get the police involved because he was thretening
me and using verbal abuse. well today i am doing ok i havn't
really done much but i'm lookinhg forward to going to my
mothers this weekend so well talk to you all probibly monday
cause she never lets me on the internet so buy yall