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2002-03-12 00:11:04 (UTC)

Thoughts on Immortality and Child Bearing

I have to say I have often wondered why people feel the
need to achieve immortality in and of themselves, when
really, there is a simple way to attain this goal this
without fame, fortune or the always lovely political
backstabbling: having children. Of course, some people
should be readily and quickly forgotten, period... but
that, of course, shall be discussed in another entry.

When you really think about it, only around half of the
human population are really capable of having children.
When I say 'capable' I mean "all-around capable"... this
has nothing to do with the actual ability of
HAVING/creating children... any drunken teenager in the
backseat of a chevy can do that. I mean capable as in
financially capable, having sound enough judgement to do as
such, being able to put the needs of the child first,
providing a stable and educational enviornment etc etc etc.
This is my definintion of being capable to have a child.
Most people honestly don't think of that. Actually, most
people just think "Baby Baby, mine mine mine" without a
real thought to the little urchin they will bring into the
world in 9 months or so.

Remember that 50% of the population I just discussed as
being capable of having children? Well, take about 40% of
them and that would be the cross-section of society that
actually SHOULD have children. Have you honestly ever
thought about WHY people feel the need to constantly
reproduce? How many people do you know that for religious,
moral ethical or otherwise reasons feel the need to have a
litter of children? And for what? To overcrowd public
schools even more? To eat up yet another yuppie-paid tax
dollar? It's all irony I tell you. Case in point: How many
well-off couples actually have 10 children now a days?
Hardly any. Because they're realistic. It's those that live
as parasites off of humanity that feel the need to have 20
crying, neglected and socially inept children.

When asked, social parasites usually say that they have
every right to let their legacy 'Live on', just the same as
the next guy. But, if the only legacy you have to leave is
a Nascar beer caddy and a collection of mullet hair picks..
well... is that really a legacy worth leaving? You
decide..... but don't let them... because we already know
that answer.

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