No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-03-12 00:07:13 (UTC)

everyone deserves to...

Everyone deserves to complain every once in a while. For
those of you who read or have read my diary, you probably
think I am just a really whiny person. This is the only
place and only time I can really voice my opinions. I'm
sure youre thinking "that isn't true" but it is.
My friends.I don't know if half of them are truly my
friends or if they just use me to talk to until someone
better comes along. That's they way I've felt lately. Maybe
they think I'm too nice to be mean to. That could be it. I
just don't know. I can't tell half of them my problems cuz
they'll either run their mouth to everyone, throw it in my
face, never leave me alone about it, or just tell me they
don't care. I'm really getting use to it. Maybe I should
start being all quiet and see who really cares. Some people
notice when something is wrong but most of them could
really care less. Oh well, I can't talk to them. Oh, and
I'm a goody-two-shoes because I don't drink and do drugs,
that is according to them. I don't get it, maybe being
Christian scares them, I just don't know. I care too much.
Family. My older sister is just turning out to be really
nasty. I ask her to help me and she yells at me the whole
time she is "helping" while she is purposly making things
worse. I can't tell her anything cuz she has a mouth bigger
then the US. She wants to tell me everything in her life
but can't listen. What should I expect? She blames all her
problems on me and drags me down with her. All the rules
apply to me but not her. I know this is a dumb thing to
fight over but for exapmle: my internet time is from 6:30-9
on days that we have Drill. She gets from 5:30-6:30 and 9-
whenever on Drill days. Well, 6:45 comes around and I had
asked her at 6:34 to get off but she didn't. I said've been on for 1 and 1/2 hours so you get on to
7 then get off, adn get on from 9-9:30. She complained.
Ususal. then she hit me and cussed me out. I don't care.
Mayeb i'm just getting sick of being nice nad treating like
shi-crap. I dont know but I'll shut up. I know none of you
care. lol. (I'm not looking for pity and i know one person
who'd be the first one to say it)