mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-03-11 23:50:27 (UTC)


i dont need to be stressin, but i am..... just checked the
bank website, all checks have now cleared and all we got to
our name is $550.00 (approx.). Life sucks.... i want us to
have enough to pay bills, not sure if we are gonna have
enough, but then that is story of our life.
Nicole isnt feelin well still, i am startin to worry that
she may have mono, or maybe depression is gettin best of
her, dont know. Mike is lookin kewl, he got hair
bleached ?? and it came out kinda orange, it looks good on
him... gonna send out some resumes tommorow, got a couple
of jobs to look into. I hope something good comes of all
this. Lisa is the best , once again I had a steak dinner,
she knows what i like , and she does her best for me. I
just wish that i could do more for her.... I feel like i am
not really doin my part, but i have been told that i worry
too much.
I guess this is about it for now... ttfn...